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POS Integration

NovaDine ties your POS, online ordering, and mobile presence together into a single solution.  Here's how:

Full POS integration

Hands off menu export and automatic price and availability updates from POS to the web.

Real-time online/mobile menu integrated store finder

Customers can quickly find the appropriate store by zip code, address, city, state, or by current location (with location services enabled), browse that store's specific menu and prices, and start an order with a single click.

Seamless POS order processing

Orders placed online or through a mobile application are downloaded by the NovaDine Agent and delivered to the POS for processing and routing to the designated prep stations and/or printers.

Seamless payment processing integration

Payments are handled online by NovaDine's secure servers through the store's merchant account.  Non-sensitive payment information is provided to the POS with each order for easy reconciliation and reporting.